Think Dignity International


Our roots

TDI was started by generous capital support offered by Late Mr. Om Narayan Vidyarthi , As a leader with one of top PSU’s in India., BHEL he had real hands on experience with handling people and he knew it that good things take time.

TDI’s inception was marked by a profound blend of optimism and visionary foresight. Its foundation was laid under the auspicious guidance and positive spirit of our founder. In a bittersweet turn of events, TDI was awarded its first contract on a day that held both joy and sorrow. As our founder lay in the hospital, his son, Abhishek Vidyarthi, brought him this news, to which he expressed profound happiness and a sense of serene finality, saying, ‘Don’t stop me now, I will leave today.’

This poignant moment left Abhishek pondering his father’s words, and as destiny would have it, our founder passed away peacefully on December 11th, 2020. His legacy, however, became the cornerstone of what TDI stands for today.

In the wake of this profound loss, TDI emerged with a steadfast commitment to uphold the strong values instilled by our founder. Our ethos revolves around unwavering dedication to quality, impeccable business ethics, and a relentless pursuit to address real-world challenges. TDI, as a brand, is not just a company; it’s a testament to a vision that transcends the ordinary, driven by a mission to make significant and ethical contributions to the industry.

TDI stands as a beacon in the realm of research and development, expertly specializing in significantly reducing the developmental costs for novel solutions. Embodying the ethos of “Got An Idea, Get It Done,” TDI proudly reflects its core mission of transforming innovative concepts into tangible realities. Our track record boasts of delivering sophisticated solutions to our clients, offering them cost-effective alternatives where the expense of independent development could have been at least three times higher.

At TDI, we pride ourselves on our global talent pool, hiring experts from various corners of the world including the USA, Sweden, India, and Indonesia. This diverse workforce fosters a rich cross-pollination of ideas, ensuring a vibrant and innovative work environment. Our multicultural team not only enhances our creative capabilities but also seamlessly aligns with our international clientele, enabling TDI to resonate with and effectively serve a broad spectrum of global markets. With this approach, TDI continues to redefine the standards of international collaboration and cultural synergy in the R&D sector.